My Story

Imagine turning your dream bike into a reality. That is the purpose of Oxia Cycles. Designing and manufacturing bicycle frames is a wonderful thing. I put all my passion and knowledge into one goal: to make you happy every time you ride a bike.

I created an identity where I could represent my feelings towards bicycles, what I feel when I ride them and my philosophy when living cycling.

Oxia is born from the chemical flame used to weld fillet brazing. This flame is a mixture of Oxygen (O2) and Acetylene (C2H2), the result of which is Oxyacetylene.

The logo is the result of interlacing two squares that face each other across the head tubes, with the heart of Oxia in the centre.

bocetos logo oxia

A craftsman must have great skills in working with his hands and a great capacity for spatial vision. Being able to visualize in their mind with detail before creating, gives them the possibility to build unique objects. I consider myself a craftsman. In every steel bicycle I make I put the maximum dedication, love and care to the smallest detail so that the bicycle is an extension of you.

bicicleta de carretera oxia

To this day, I still continue to train and learn from every frame I make, from every geometry I design and from every process I perform.

Oxia Neblu

My name is Carlos and I’m here to help you get the bike you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Imagine enjoying your bike again.

My parents often remind me of moments from my childhood. They were all related to crafts, tools, inventions, and taking apart old or broken appliances for research. I remember when my mother would go crazy winding thread on a sewing machine spool. Sometimes it was even me who did it. I sewed doll’s clothes for extra income. I suffered watching her with so much work and devised a winder. I remember exactly what it looked like: it was a wooden craft frame with a 4.5-volt motor driven by a flask pile. It turned the coil where the coil thread was wound onto a stick that served as a shaft.

At the same time, everything revolved around the bicycle. I was constantly told that before I learned to ride I already knew how to ride a bike. I was always messing around with the mechanics of the bike, dismantling and assembling.

foto carlos pequeño

This photo, together with my mother, shows a brief summary of my childhood. A whirlwind, with thousands of uncertainties, analyst, observer and always full of war wounds. Head, eyebrows, chin, elbows, knees, etc……. thousands of scars that still remain and when I see them they bring out a big smile.

The years went by and I was always attached to the bike. After many jobs, I started to work in a shop in Murcia doing a little bit of everything. After this, I lived an unforgettable adventure as a UCI mechanic in the Mountain Bike World Cup, in the London Olympics, in the Titan Desert and many other international competitions.

olimpiadas de londres

During these years, after my time at the races, I have remembered two conversations with TOP 5 cyclists over the years. One was about the material and the other about the bike. They had to adapt to what they had, be more or less comfortable, catalogues and marketing were the problem. Those two conversations gained momentum when I decided to buy a new bike. I looked at catalogs, geometries, everything unimaginable, but nothing convinced me. It was clear to me that I was going to continue with my cervical pains, numbness in my hands, etc.

I managed to find something in the catalogue that could be adapted, but it was a steel bike, with a rigid fork and in single speed, what a madness. Years ago I had the steel bicycles in my head, but I was not finished taking the step. I didn’t think about it, I made the order to the supplier, and in a few days I had a steel Reynolds 520 Kona Unit and a Kona P2 fork.

At that time, I had already set up my own bicycle repair, sales and rental business.

Kona Unit 2015

I fell in love with steel, enjoyed riding my bike again. But I felt that something was still missing.

For months I thought about buying a custom steel frame, but I ended up training in making custom steel frames.

Some people told me that steel frames are old and would not sell. Others encouraged me, if that’s what you want, do it, be happy.

After a year of training, mostly on my own, I created my own custom bike workshop. A brand and an identity. Oxia Cycles

logo oxia plata